About The Department

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology is one of the best and finest in Kolkata and Eastern India. Combining deep research with skill development-based curriculum, our courses provide the perfect launchpad for students’ career. All our programmes are approved by Pharmacy Council of India under section 12 of the Pharmacy Council Act,1948.

The Department was set up with a vision to create and disseminate knowledge for producing quality health care professionals with global standard. In its aim to fulfil the vision, the school has been organizing workshops, seminars, and special invited lectures with the participation of experts from the Academic Institutions, Research Institutions, Industries and Regulatory authorities.

Our Vision

To be acknowledged as a leader in Pharmacy Education, research and service with the commitment to make a strong platform for providing transformative learning experience in a collaborative and diverse environment.

Our Mission

M.S 01: Providing dynamic educational experience embedded with contemporary knowledge and a technical skill to student pool and empowers them to become leaders.

M.S 02: Establish relationships with the leaders in the industry, regulatory bodies, hospitals and research institution.

M.S 03: Shaping the U.G., P.G. and research Scholars to emerge as the next generation scientists, advanced practitioners and educators.

M.S 04: Attracting and retaining outstanding and diverse faculty with nice blend of industry and academic.

M.S.05: Investigating innovative research in Pharmaceutical Sciences while embracing the value of interdisciplinary networks.



Program Introduction

The program Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm) aims to develop basic understanding of pharmacy, its effect on human health along with newer advancements in healthcare industry especially in hospital set-up. This programencompasses contribution to various healthcare programs of the nation including disease prevention initiatives to improve public health. It also contributes to the promotion of national governmental health policies.

Moreover, the course is focused on the effectively counsel / educate the patients / other stakeholders about the prescription / non- prescription medicines and other health related issues. It also emphasizes to describe the chemistry, characteristics, types, merits and demerits of both drugs and excipients used in pharmaceutical formulations based on her/his knowledge and scientific resources.

The program provides ample opportunities for the students about the review prescriptions, dispense Prescription / non-prescription medicines, provide patient counselling / education, hospital and community pharmacy management, expertise on medications proficiency on drugs / pharmaceuticals,knowledge on primary and preventive healthcareoptions, ethical and legal practices and continuing professional development.


Duration of Program: 2 years


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Program Introduction

The program B. Pharm is a four year undergraduate program and is the cornerstone of pharmacy education in India. The course helps students to become acquainted with the production and manufacturing of drugs and its distribution across the country. The program offers indepth knowledge in various facets including physiology and pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry and drug design, drug delivery, formulation development, natural products, herbal medicines, quality control, regulatory affairs to drug marketing, microbiology as well as biochemistry.

The course is focused to develop professionals ready for various employment sectors like production, quality control, research and drug discovery, quality assurance, marketing including government jobs like Pharmacist, Drug Inspector, Drug Counsellor, etc.

The pharmaceutical industry is an ever-growing industry, in which there is always scope of growth and development. Hence, there is an assurance that no matter what the economic situation is, this field that will always boom and update to meet current healthcare needs. Adverse situations like pandemic and epidemic conditions have strengthened the role Pharmacy professionals in healthcare sector and is expected to attract renewed interest both from government and private sectors. The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) is the regulatory body of this programenvisaged with its development at par with global standards.

Duration of Course: 4 years (Full Time)


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Program Description

M. Pharm (Pharmacology) is a 2-year post-graduate program to provide the knowledge about how drugs act on biological systems and how the body responds to the drug.  This program caters in-depth knowledge on handling various equipment and developing animal models for screening, the molecular and cellular mechanism of action, deficiency and excess release related endocrine disorders, alternative methods for animal toxicity testing employed in drug discovery and development, and various targets for drug discovery, various lead-seeking methods and lead optimization, designing different protocols, regulations and ethical requirements for the usage of experimental animals.

Duration of Program: 2 years


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Program Introduction

The program M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics) is a 2-years post-graduate program designed to train the students for understanding of advancements in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry as well as academia. This program provides in-depth knowledge to acquire laboratory skills and its applications.

Moreover, the program caters the opportunities of hands on training of practical aspects of formulation and development and characterization of various conventional and advanced dosage forms. The program is supposed to make the students able to think logically and solve the problems, as well as to develop an ability to conduct, analyze and interpret data of pharmaceutical experiments in various departments (Eg: Drug discovery, Formulation & Development, Production, Quality control & Quality assurance etc) as per the needs of pharmaceutical industries and to work on multidisciplinary tasks simultaneously.

Duration of Program: 2 years


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