Program Introduction

The program Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm) aims to develop basic understanding of pharmacy, its effect on human health along with newer advancements in healthcare industry especially in hospital set-up. This programencompasses contribution to various healthcare programs of the nation including disease prevention initiatives to improve public health. It also contributes to the promotion of national governmental health policies.

Moreover, the course is focused on the effectively counsel / educate the patients / other stakeholders about the prescription / non- prescription medicines and other health related issues. It also emphasizes to describe the chemistry, characteristics, types, merits and demerits of both drugs and excipients used in pharmaceutical formulations based on her/his knowledge and scientific resources.

The program provides ample opportunities for the students about the review prescriptions, dispense Prescription / non-prescription medicines, provide patient counselling / education, hospital and community pharmacy management, expertise on medications proficiency on drugs / pharmaceuticals,knowledge on primary and preventive healthcareoptions, ethical and legal practices and continuing professional development.



A pass in any of the following examinations with Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Mathematics.

  1. Intermediate examination in Science;
  2. The first year of the three- year degree course in Science,
  3. 10+2 examination (academic stream) in Science;
  4. Pre–degree examination;
  5. Any other qualification approved by the Pharmacy Council of India as equivalent to any of the above examination.


Duration of Program: 2 years


Program Outcome (PO’s)

PO1:  Students will demonstrate knowledge of pharmaceutical science & basic science

PO2:  Students will demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate and solve the problems associated with Pharmaceutical Industry, Community & Hospital Pharmacy

PO3:  Students will demonstrate an ability to conduct, analyze and interpret data arising out of research experience into production, Quality control & Quality assurance

PO4:  Students will demonstrate an ability to design formulation & Synthetic process as per needs and specifications in Pharmaceutical Industries & Marketing

PO5:  Students will demonstrate an ability to understand mechanism of drug action, its dynamics and kinetics, visualize and work on laboratory techniques and improvements

PO6:  Students will demonstrate skills to use modern Pharmaceutical tools, software and equipment to analyze& solve problems

PO7:  Students will demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities as per Pharmaceutical jurisprudence and global regulations.

PO8:  Students will be able to communicate effectively, both verbal and written form, to present a technical report

PO9:  Students will show the understanding of impact of Pharmaceutical sciences on the society and also will be aware of modern issues related to healthcare

PO10:  An ability to function effectively as a leader and member of multidisciplinary teams

PO11:  Students will develop confidence for self education and ability for life-long learning

PO12:  Students can participate and succeed in competitive examinations


Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

PEO1:  Review the Prescriptions

PEO2:  Dispense Prescription / Non-Prescription Medicines

PEO3:  Provide Patient Counselling / Education

PEO4:  Hospital and Community Pharmacy Management

PEO5:  Expertise on Medications

PEO6:  Proficiency on Pharmaceutical Formulations

PEO7:  Entrepreneurship and Leadership

PEO8:  Deliver Primary and Preventive Healthcare

PEO9:  Professional, Ethical and Legal Practice

PEO10:  Continuing Professional Development