Qualification: Ph.D

Affiliation: SMSRC Private Limited

Current Designation: Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Sanjoy has specialized in a niche subject known as ‘Application of Prescription Research in Strategic Pharmaceutical Marketing’. He is the founder and Managing Director of Strategic Marketing Solutions and Research Centre (SMSRC) Pvt. Ltd. SMSRC has already achieved leadership status in the field of Strategic Prescription Research (SPR) in India and Bangladesh. Dr. Sanjoy started his professional journey in 1986 and since 1995 he started leading Strategy Workshop projects to develop Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy for clients who are leading MNC’s and Indian pharmaceutical formulation-marketing companies. Under his leadership SMSRC not only provided innovative Rx research data analytics periodically to its clients but has simultaneously conducted innumerable number of Strategy Workshops or GTM projects for most of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India and Bangladesh. Some of the leading companies whom SMSRC has served or is serving are Abbott, Alkem, Aristo, Alembic, Beximco Bangladesh, Cipla, Corona Remedies, Curatio, Eris Life Sciences, Dr. Reddy’s, Ipca, Glenmark, GSK, Lupin, Janssen, MSD, Merck, Pharmed, Pfizer, Ranbaxy, Sun Pharma, Torrent, Zydus and many more.